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India is well known as “home of spices”, an Indian spice is sought after globally due to its texture, aroma, taste and medicinal properties. 

We as Indians are crazy when it comes to food, our every festival, events and even day to day lifestyle is highly influenced by spices. We divide by states, but one thing which keeps us connected is “Spices”.

 Barni is a home-grown brand, born in 2020 with a small idea and great passion for food. We completely believe in fresh and homemade. All our products are 100% natural, and are made from locally sourced material that has been hand picked and selectively curated. Each product is handmade with great attention to taste, quality and hygiene.


Our Team

Shalini Arora, the epitome of culinary passion

Shalini Arora


Meet Shalini Arora, the visionary behind our homegrown spice brand. As a passionate food enthusiast and a dedicated mother of two, she has embarked on a flavorful journey to bring the essence of culinary delight to every kitchen. Hailing from New Delhi, Shalini's unwavering commitment to quality and her profound love for spices have shaped her into a true connoisseur.

Driven by her insatiable passion for food and flavor, Shalini meticulously selects the finest ingredients, sourcing them from trusted suppliers to ensure unmatched quality. With a keen understanding of the art of blending spices, she crafts unique and harmonious combinations that elevate dishes to new heights.